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ARK RELOCATION: The Go-To Relocation Company When Looking To Ship Furniture Internationally

If you are moving with minimal items – say just one luggage bag, your relocation is most likely to be easy, quick and convenient. What makes most relocations difficult is that most people tend to pack and ship all their items at one go. Starting a new life in a different geographic location can be expensive but the overall costs can become prohibitive if you are starting a new life from scratch. When moving internationally, you can ensure the process is hassle-free while at the same time lowering the overall costs of starting life in your home by first relocating with essential items and shipping your furniture and other bulky items at a later date.

Why Is Shipping Furniture Separately a Great Idea?

Based on our experience in relocating people internationally – which spans over three decades, we have compiled a list of our top three reasons why it is a great idea to ship bulky items such as furniture separately. They include:

  • The process of shipping furniture internationally is rigorous – Your items will need to be packed, crated and passed through different customs inspection points which can lead to delays in arrival especially if you do not have the proper documentation

  • It can save you a great deal of money – If you ship your furniture without having a concrete plan on how they will be fitted into your new home, you may end up needing warehousing services which will lead to additional (but avoidable costs)

  • You get sufficient time within which to choose what to keep and what to take with you to your new life – Moving in its own right is stressful … During the relocation period, you may not be in the right frame of mind to choose the furniture to keep or leave behind. However, after settling in your new home, you can make unhurried decisions on the furniture that will fit in well in your new home

Reasons To Hire Ark Relocation Services When Shipping Furniture Internationally

  • We can ship your furniture through different freight methods depending on your budget – We can ship your goods by either sea or air freight. Sea freight tends to be less expensive but slow. On the other hand, air freight tends to be a bit expensive but quick

  • We will handle customs requirements on your behalf – We have great working relationships with clearing and forwarding agents in different ports and airports who will handle the movement of your furniture through all the checks by customs authorities

  • We ensure that your furniture is delivered exactly where you need it – Our moving team will handle the packing, crating and loading of your furniture at the point of departure, ensure that it is safely shipped, and on arrival at your preferred destination, we will unpack your furniture

  • Our international shipping services are fully insured

  • We usually put in place mechanisms that allow you to track your furniture while it is in transit

  • We can ship your furniture to different locations internationally – Some of our regular international shipping destinations include:

  1. United States of America

  2. Canada

  3. South Africa

  4. Australia

  5. New Zealand

  6. UAE

Looking to move your furniture from the UK to an international destination? At Ark Relocation, we have the skills, experience and logistical infrastructure required to deliver your possessions right to your desired location. To request an estimate for our shipping service or to get any queries you may have on shipping your furniture internationally answered, call us on 01908 311 011 or visit our website https://www.arkrelocation.com/international/.

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